Assignment 1: Choose 5 good and 5 bad samples of package designs.

5 Good designs


1) The triangle Kleenex box is an appealing design because of the shape and the simplicity of imagery. The slogan was “Perfect slice of summer” which are played off by the word summer with the fruits. The package is unique and can be placed anywhere like many of the tissue boxes.


2) The Biogurt has great typography, graphic element, color, and hierarchy. The typography and graphic element resembles the cleanliness and smoothness from the avocado. The package is very simple for easy storage and great for easy access.


3) Connoisseur ice cream created a great concept by creating the letter ‘C’ for their imagery. I represents the brand and can also be a icon that will allow them to leave a mark on people when they see it. The typography is neatly placed and the color choice is classy. The package is a nice clean shape that will hold the product without overdoing it.


4) The package is very nice and compact with the simplicity of the logo at the bottom and its main objective. Everything is straight forward with the nice white color and clear case with the earphones in the center creating a music note. It was well thought out with the clean look to let the product speak for itself.


5) The packaging is very nice because it is able to create a strong variety of the same packages with different colors and imagery. The package is appealing and has this natural look to it.

5 Bad designs


1) The coconut represents bad design because of the typeface and color choices. It is not very appealing and the quality looks cheap.


2) The typography is a horrible choice along with the placement of the slogan.



3) The color choices throw off what it is trying to represent because of the contrast between them. The kerning on the letters are not consistent and the alignment is placed anywhere.


4) The word strong and the imagery do not match each other along with the very plain background. It feels boring and can throw people off when approaching this product.


5) The California Pizza Kitchen package is bad because it has a very boring look to the design. The typography looks like it was just thrown on there with a plain background that doesn’t give off any feel of a pizza place.